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Here is a bunch of other miscellaneous dogs playing poker stuff that is neat, but does not deserve its own page.

Dog Food Can

Ken-L-Ration Dog Food. Your dog deserves the best food, so when feeding it be sure to use food whose can has a dogs playing poker image on the label.

Dog food can with dogs playing poker label
Dog food can with dogs playing poker label
Dog food can with dogs playing poker label
Dog food can with dogs playing poker label

Dirty Car Art

      One of Scott Wade’s masterpieces

One of Scott Wade’s masterpieces

Artists use a wide variety of canvases, and Scott Wade has chosen quite a unique one—dirty, dust-covered cars. To prove his true artistic ability, he created an astonishingly accurate recreation of A Friend In Need on the rear window of his car. The entire process used to create this masterpiece can be viewed in the Dirty Car Art gallery.

Etch A Sketch

Some talented produced a very impressive recreation of A Friend in Need using only the limited tools of an Etch A Sketch. An even bigger image of this image, plus a full catalog of Magic Screen art can be viewed at Etch Artist.

A Friend in Need as created on an Etch A Sketch

A Friend in Need as created on an Etch A Sketch


You you need to relax after a stressful day at work, a big cup minimizes the number of times you need to get up and go to the tap. May I suggest a large dogs playing poker beer stein for the job?

Dogs playing poker steinSide of dogs playing poker stein
Side of dogs playing poker steinTop of dogs playing poker stein


A Bold Bluff has been turned into a needlepoint version. I do not have the skills, patience, or confidence in my sexuality, but thankfully my mom likes these crafts, so I proudly have a fabric representation of dogs playing poker hanging in my basement. Interestingly, this interpretation has A Bachelor’s Dog and the extremely rare No Graft Here hanging on the back walls. Other than that this version is remarkably faithful to the original, and is very detailed considering the medium.

“A Bold Bluff” Needlepoint


For all of those times you need to entertain guests or have a dinner party, you need perfect dishes on which to serve your meals. Or else perhaps a China set for a wedding gift. (Note to fend of the lawyers: these plates have the nice “do not use to serve food” disclaimer on them.)

DPP Plates

Wall Tapestry

Why spend the time picking out many different family photos to hang on your walls when instead you can simply use one giant and cheesy dogs playing poker wall tapestries. Anything five feet wide quickly covers those bare areas.

DPP Wall Tapestry


When the man makes you part with you precious money you might as well do it in style. Checks in the Mail sells checks (and also return address labels) with backgrounds of A Friend in Need, His Station and Four Aces, Pinched with Four Aces, and Poker Sympathy.

Check image of A Friend in NeedCheck image of His Station and Four AcesCheck image of Pinched With Four AcesCheck image of Poker Sympathy

Ash Tray

If you chose to smoke, there is also a dogs playing poker ash tray to hold your mess.

DPP Ash Tray

Speaking of Smoking…

Reader’s Digest had a little blurb about the Nebraska group Tobacco Free Hall County commissioning Bailey Lauerman for an anti-smoking campaign. A parody of Coolidge’s painting is used where one smoking dog killed off all the others. More can be discovered at their website.

Anti smoking advertisement featuring dogs playing poker

Playing Cards

And of course there are playing cards with one of Coolidge’s paintings on them. Great when you want to steal your friends’ money. Or else when a bunch of dogs are over and they need something to do.

DPP Playing Cards


When you grow weary from a hard day training and want to rest your head, there is nothing better than a pillow covered with Waterloo. Do not forget your mug either.

DPP Pillow

Weird Al Song

In Weird Al Yankovic’s song Velvet Elvis, has the following stanza (emphasis added):

In my own private Graceland
In my own little shrine to the king
I don’t want nothin’ else
No, I don’t need anything
Don’t need no lava lamp
Don’t need no soap on a rope
No pictures of Mexican kids with those really big eyes
Or dogs playing poker

Four Dogs Playing Poker

Four Dogs Playing Poker Movie Cover

A real, independent movie was named after the famous paintings. It does not have much, if anything, to do with dogs playing poker, as only the title was borrowed for the movie. Despite that fact, I still need to watch it some day. The movie does not seem to have a homepage, but it is being sold on Amazon.


Apparently Weird Al isn’t the only musical genius that decided to incorporate dogs playing poker into their album. On Rush’s Moving Pictures album, A Friend in Need is featured on the cover.

Rush - Moving Pictures


In the Pixar movie Up, Beta and Gamma, along with two anonymous dogs, sit around a poker table while Russell tries to board The Spirit of Adventure. With a very happy expression Gamma holds the lion’s share of the winnings, while the other pooches look quite serious…SQUIRREL…The anonymous dog in the front right hides the ace of spades under his collar, instead of the traditional action of passing it under the table as in A Friend in Need. The light above the table though, is a copy from that painting.

Dogs playing poker in “Up”
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