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To prove to the strangers around you just how much you enjoy Cassius’s work, you can don a garment covered in dogs playing poker for just about any occasion.


A nice polyester DPP shirt suitable for casual Friday in the office. It comes in red or black and even a version with pooches partaking in pool.

Black DPP Shirt Front


Black DPP Shirt Back


Black dogs playing pool shirt
Red dogs playing pool shirt

Dogs Playing Pool

Own this Shirt

There are various other T-shirts as well, ranging from lottery advertising to really cheap knockoffs of Coolidge’s great pictures. They are not of the quality of the above ones though.


For those formal occasions, you might need to wear a tie. Do not worry, you are covered.


And for those even more formal events where you have to wear a suit, there are cufflinks to go along with it.

DPP Cufflinks

Boxer Shorts

Not all of your DPP wardrobe can be for show though. For comfort and support, there are always boxer shorts with the gambling dogs on them.

Dogs Playing Poker boxer shorts
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