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The writers of the Simpsons wisely decided to include spoofs on dogs playing poker. They greatly added to the value of the show.

Copyright Notice: The images below are copyrighted to Fox. I believe, however, that using a single frame from a half hour show for informational purposes falls under fair use, so I am displaying them here. If such is not the case, please let me know.

Tree House of Horror IV—Season 5 (1F04)

They’re dogs…and they’re playing poker!

In this Halloween special, Bart introduces the last segment by saying that they have “the most terrifying painting of the evening.” Looking at it makes you go mad. The camera then pans to a giant picture of A Friend in Need, and Homer is there screaming “Ahh, they’re dogs…and they’re playing poker.” He then runs away screaming. Bart concludes with stating that the story for the poker dog painting was too scary, so they just whipped something together with Vampires.

Two Dozen & One Greyhounds—Season 6 (2F18)

Dogs playing poker caricature

Santa’s Little Helper is taking his dog-lady friend for a night on the town. One of the wholesome activities in which they partake is getting their photo taken though a “stick your head through a hole and appear to be someone else” contraptions. The scene in which the pooches find themselves is A Friend in Need. The most ironic part (which I doubt the writers intended) is that Cassius Coolidge (the guy who created the dogs playing poker paintings) actually invented these “caricatures” displays where someone appears to be in the scene painted on the front. Pretty cool, eh?

Days of Wine and D’Oh’ses—Season 11 (BABF14)

Dogs playing poker posing in the kitchen

Bart and Lisa are competing in a photo contest for the phone book cover so that they can win a new bike. One of their attempts is a mockup of A Friend in Need around their kitchen table. In her suit of perfection, Lisa even complains that the “bulldog didn’t ante.” Just before Lisa takes the picture, however, Nelson sticks his head through the window with a camera and snaps the picture before the Simpson children do.

Interestingly (as in a mistake) the picture shown to the left does not have a dog passing an Ace under the table. Later in the episode though, the dog magically gets a card in his paw to give to his friend.

The Mansion Family—Season 11 (BABF08)

Dogs playing poker painting in Mr. Burn’s house

In this episode the Simpsons house sit for Mr. Burns. While they are walking through one of the hallways, a spoof of A Friend in Need is seen hanging in the hallway. In the photo Mr. Burns is sitting at the back of the table, with the dogs cheating against him.

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