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“Poker Sympathy” by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Poker Sympathy

Poker Sympathy

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The scene looks like it takes place in the corner of a questionable restaurant or club, with pictures of famous dogs that have visited that location lining the walls. In this booth, seven dogs sit across the table facing a bulldog that probably is not part of the regular crowd. During the last round of poker, the pot has grown quite large. The bulldog, thinking he could best the boss, has bet generously, confident in the power of his four aces. When the cards hit the table though, the other dog actually has a straight flush, the only hand able to beat his. The winning dog barks loudly across the table at his vanquished opponent, knocking him off his chair, spilling his drink, and causing him to drop his cards and cigar. The rest of the posse seems to enjoy watching the bulldog’s misery.

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