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Scooby-Doo Playing Poker

Scooby Doo Playing Poker

Scooby Doo Playing Poker

Acquiring the Painting

While visiting the now defunct Warner Brothers stores in Chicago during my youth, I spotted a picture of Scooby-Doo playing poker with other Warner Brother’s dogs, derived from A Friend in Need. It was not some cheap poster either, but a high quality framed print located in the cartoon cell collection. Of course, I immediately coveted the work of art, but it was a couple hundred dollars—more money than this kid had. Besides the obvious dogs playing poker angle, I must also mention that I really enjoyed watching Scooby-Doo as a child (and still relive some childhood dreams) which made the painting all the more valuable. The lack of funds though, forced me to leave the store empty handed.

Time passed and the Warner Brothers stores went out of business. It seemed I was pretty much out of luck on finding a copy. I searched the internet high and low, but only found one reference to the painting, and that person had already sold their copy. I searched on eBay and Yahoo Auctions, but those always came up empty. One day, however, I happened to be browsing through other dogs playing poker auctions on eBay when I stumbled upon one selling my painting. It had not shown up in my saved searches because its description just had “Scooby” and not “Scooby-Doo.” Regardless, I was grateful to find the auction and was ready to win at about all costs. Luckily, my final bid with shipping was about the same price as it originally was in stores. I am now the happy owner of Scooby-Doo Playing Poker, with it hanging prominently in my house.

Also, note that I am currently very happy with my painting, so unless you are willing to offer a life-changing amount of money, mine is not for sale. More bad news is the last Scooby-Doo playing poker I saw on eBay (and very few pass through there), sold for $1,500. So good luck if you are searching for one of your own.

Finer Points

Although most are not visible in the images above, here are some details from the picture:

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