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Cheap Rip Offs

Like anything in America, when something is even remotely successfully, a thousand little corny and cheesy cheap items are marketed to suckers. The genius of the Dogs Playing Poker paintings was no exception. Unfortunately, I succumbed to the pull of chinsy items and bought many of them. Below is a partial list of stuff plastered with dogs playing poker.

ESPN dogs playing poker commercials
ESPN Commercials

Chalking the walk with dogs playing poker
Chalk the Walk
Dogs playing poker clothing (and the mannequin is not wearing a skirt)
Dogs playing poker in the Simpsons
Simpson References
Full Dog House
Full Dog House
Miscellaneous dogs playing poker items
Miscellaneous Items
Scooby-Doo Playing Poker
Scooby-Doo Playing Poker
Dogs playing poker online
Online Sightings
Dogs playing poker in video games
Video Game Appearances
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