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Prophet of Peace

Prophet of Peace is a book illustrated by Cassius Coolidge and written by his first cousin Asenath Coolidge. I obtained a copy of it from the nice librarians when I went to school. Each illustration is signed “Kash,” as he sometimes penned his works.


Illustrations from Prophet of Peace



Title Page

Title Page

Copyright Page

Copyright Page

In the old Sylvanus Home

Before Title Page
“In the old Sylvanus Home”

I’m thankful I hain’t got no leanin’ that way

Page 36
“I’m thankful I hain’t got no leanin’ that way”

Every available member of the Colton families

Page 43
“Every available member of the Colton families”


The Advocate for Peace, published by the American Peace Society, gave the following review of Asenath’s work in their May 1908 edition.

The principles of peace are being taught not only by tracts, lectures and treatises on international law, they come into all kinds of writing, and frequently appear in the present day story and novel. The “Prophet of Peace,” a story with an old-fashioned farmhouse setting, illustrated generously by quaint and clever pictures of country life, teaches peace in some of the conversations held by its characters. While not a contribution of technical value to the literature of the peace movement, it has its use in calling the attention of the reader to the wisdom of peace and the mistakes of war.
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