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Coolidge Family Tree

Below is the family tree for the Coolidge’s centered around Cassius. It has been assembled from information from others researching the Coolidge family. To the best of my knowledge it is accurate. Because of space and display limitations, only the family members most relevant to Cassius are included in the diagram. If you have any additions/corrections to this tree, please let me know.

Charles Coolidge Abi Kirkbride
George Coolidge Daniel Coolidge
Judith Campbell
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Betsey Coolidge
Lydia Coolidge
Daniel Coolidge
Charles Coolidge
Nathan Coolidge
Alvin Coolidge
Sally Coolidge
Eunice Coolidge
Harriet Coolidge
Alfred Coolidge Mary Townsend
John Coolidge Clinton Coolidge
Cassius Coolidge
Gertrude Kimmell
Abi Eliza Coolidge Unknown Female Asenath Coolidge
Marcella Coolidge

If you are having trouble viewing the above family tree, please view an alternate picture of it.

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