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“Stranger in Camp” by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Stranger in Camp

Stranger in Camp

In this painting canine fur trappers sit next to a campfire playing cards. If you look closely at the poker hands, you will notice the dog on the right has four aces. The dog on the left, however, has a straight flush, beating the other great hand. The shocked facial expression on the losing dog’s face is quite remarkable, with his wide eyes and dropped jaw. Also, the winning dog is laughing quite mockingly. Four aces and a straight flush in one hand...I think there might be some cheating going on.

A dog in the background cooks dinner over an open fire while raccoon skins dry stretched across tree trunks. A fishing pole and rifles also lean against a tree.

Other paintings with a hand of four aces: A Friend in Need, His Station and Four Aces, Pinched with Four Aces, and Poker Sympathy.

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