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“The Cheat” by Gerard Taylor

The Cheat

The Cheat

With a “don’t look at me, I didn’t do it” innocent look, the terrier in the middle tries to weasel out of a tough situation. Two royal flushes have been revealed, with another middle straight flush put down. Besides the unlikely event of all those hands showing up in one round, it also appears that are two different ten of hearts showing on the table. Someone has been dishonest.

The bulldog with the leather hat is very upset with the shenanigans and is angrily growling at the illegal cards. The pooch next to the pit bull tries to gently edge away from that angst, soon to be directed at him. The poodles stare wide eyed in shock, as the next big dog loudly voices his objections. The last dog on the left with the blue hats just looks on, with an expression that reads “looks like the night’s over.”

Perhaps this is how the situation turns out when you do not pass cards under the table very well.

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