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by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge
Injured Innocence

Injured Innocence

This sketch appeared in the February 9, 1878 edition of Harper's Weekly. The caption at the bottom says "I hain't seen nuffin of yer Chickens! Do you took me for a Thief? Do you see any Chickens 'bout me? Go 'way dar, white man! Treat a boy 'spectable, if he am brack!" I am no art critic nor historian, so as a result I am not really sure what the sketch is trying to convey. At first, it seems that the drawing appears to call for better treatment of blacks. But when the boys hat is examined, three birds are in it. Are these the aforementioned chickens? Judging by Coolidge's parents being abolitionists, it would seem he would be sympathetic to the unjust sufferings of blacks.

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